This combination of green tea leaves and roasted rice creates a harmonious balance between the fresh grassy notes of the tea and the warmth of the roasted rice.


Hand packed in Noosa Heads, Australia.


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Genmaicha tea is a traditional Japanese green tea with a unique and distinctive flavour profile. What sets Genmaicha apart from other green teas is the addition of roasted brown rice kernels (genmai), which impart a nutty, toasted aroma and a mild, earthy taste to the tea.


INGREDIENTS: certified organic sencha green tea & toasted brown rice.


TO MAKE:  add 1 teaspoon per cup into a teapot or infuser.

Add hot water (75ºc–85ºc) & allow to infuse for 2 minutes.


PACKAGING:To help conserve our planet’s resources, we sell our products in reusable, recyclable &/or compostable packaging, significantly reducing industrial waste.

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90g pouch