Tea Maker / Infuser


The easiest way to brew an incredibly rich, robust and aromatic tea.


The large clear brewing chamber provides an ideal environment for loose leaf tea to unfurl and expand while it steeps.

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Tea Maker / Infuser

  • Made from sturdy BPA free material
  • For use with hot or chilled tea
  • Brews 500ml (2 cups) of tea
  • Room for tea to expand
  • Automatic shut-off valve



  1. Add your favourite Tea Shop organic loose leaf tea
  2. Pour hot water over loose leaf tea, close lid and allow to steep for 3-5 minutes
  3. Place Tea Maker on top of your cup and watch as the perfectly brewed tea fills your cup
  4. Lift the Tea Maker off the cup and the flow instantly stops, using the automatic shut-off valve.


Hand wash in hot water recommended.


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