Lemon Myrtle Green



Experience the synergy of natural goodness with our carefully crafted infusion. Our unique blend features sencha green tea, lemon myrtle, lemon balm, ginger, and chamomile, each offering its own potential health benefits.


Sencha green tea brings antioxidants and metabolism support. Lemon myrtle contributes antimicrobial properties and digestive comfort. Lemon balm enhances relaxation and sleep. Ginger adds anti-inflammatory and digestive aid benefits. Chamomile promotes calmness and digestive wellness.


Indulge in a cup of well-being that embodies the essence of balance and harmony.


Hand crafted by our Tea Master in Noosa Heads, Australia.

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The first sip introduces you to a medley of sensations. The lemon myrtle lends its distinctive lemony-citrus profile, which is at once tangy and sweet. This citrusy note is balanced by the grassy and slightly vegetal character of the green tea base. The interplay between these elements offers a well-rounded and harmonious flavour that invigorates the palate.


INGREDIENTS: 100% certified organic chamomile, green tea sencha, lemon balm, ginger and lemon myrtle.


TO MAKE:  add 1 dessert spoon of lemon myrtle green to a  2-3 cup teapot. add near boiling water (70-80 degrees Celsius) and allow to steep for 3 mins.

serve hot or chilled.



To help conserve our planet’s resources, we sell our products in reusable, recyclable &/or compostable packaging, significantly reducing industrial waste.



These rare teas are of such high quality that the same leaves can be infused several times. Each time you brew the tea, different subtleties of the delicate flavours will be released.


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200g Tin, 500g Pouch, 75g bio cylinder