French Earl Grey



The black tea base provides a robust and slightly malty foundation, while the bergamot oranges lend their characteristic citrusy and slightly tangy aroma, which is a hallmark of Earl Grey teas. Lavender adds a gentle floral fragrance, contributing a calming and aromatic dimension to the blend. Hibiscus brings in a vivid ruby-red colour and a touch of tartness, balancing the overall composition and imparting a hint of natural sweetness.


Hand crafted by our Tea Master in Noosa Heads, Australia.



Earl Grey – a black tea infused with a citrus bergamot flavour.

Rosella Flowers – known to be rick in vitamin C

Lavender – may be a relaxant and nerve tonic.






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As you take a sip, the distinctive essence of bergamot unfolds on your palate. It’s not a shy whisper, but rather a pronounced note that brings a hint of citrus brightness to the cup. The interplay between the bold tea and the zesty bergamot creates a dynamic contrast that’s both intriguing and satisfying.

The true allure of French Earl Grey lies in its balance. The classic elements of Earl Grey are elevated by the floral and fruity infusion, creating a blend that appeals to both traditionalists and those seeking a modern twist. The aftertaste is a gentle reminder of the blend’s complexity, leaving a delightful fusion of citrus, florals, and subtle sweetness.


INGREDIENTS: 100% certified organic Earl Grey, Lavender and Rosella Flowers.

TO MAKE:  Add 1 dessert spoon of French Earl Grey to a  2-3 cup teapot. Add boiling water and allow to steep 3 minutes.


This unique loose leaf blend is package in a bio-degradable cylinder or eco-friendly pouch.



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