Tea stick infuser


Around Australia, our customers and retail partners are mad about our tea stick infusers – and for us here at Tea Shop, this comes as no surprise!

When faced with the decision to supply our unique organic blends in individual tea bags, we decided that our core values were better reflected in a more environmentally responsible consumption of tea.

Such a decision can be a risk in a world where so many people crave convenience of a “dunk and run”; but for us, the Tea drinking experience has always been centred in thoughtfulness, and slowing down. Alongside the threat of teabags to health and the environment, we also think we have a far better alternative!

Our wonderful tea stick infusers allow you to enjoy our hand blended organic flavours in all their glory as a single cup serve – with all the ease of your normal tea drinking routine. They’re perfect for keeping at work or at home, and make awesome gifts!

The world is changing – together, we are slowly beginning to realise the impact everyday wasteful practices we take for granted. Making the jump to a tea stick infuser is a safe, tangible way to reduce your footprint, and enjoy beautiful tea at the same time.

We’d like you to be the judge however, so we’re offering 5 lucky readers the chance to win one of our tea stick infusers along with a sample pack of our 5 premium teas – all hand blended with love and care, right here in Byron Bay.

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We’re hoping you’ll discover how much better a premium leaf organic tea tastes and that you make Tea Shop your cup of tea!

For more information on the impact of your tea bag, and the benefits of “letting your leaves loose”, visit: