Elevate Your Tea Game with Creative Cold Brew Concoctions!

Here are some great tips, tricks & ideas to enhance your tea-drinking experience:


Quick Cold Brew: Can’t wait for your tea to cool down for iced tea? Brew it double strength and pour it over a glass of ice. It’ll instantly cool and be perfectly balanced when the ice melts.

Tea Ice Cubes: Freeze leftover tea into ice cubes. Use these to cool down hot tea without diluting it or add them to iced tea to prevent it from getting watery as the ice melts.

Herbal Ice Cubes: Freeze herbs like mint or lavender into ice cubes. Drop them into your herbal tea for a burst of fresh flavour.

Tea Lattes: For a creamy tea latte, brew a strong cup of tea and then add warm milk (dairy or non-dairy) to it. Sweeten to taste. It’s a cozy alternative to coffee lattes.

Flavour Infusion: Add citrus peels, fresh herbs, or even a cinnamon stick to your tea while it steeps for added flavour complexity.

Spoon as a Lid: If you don’t have a proper tea lid, a spoon placed over the top of your teapot or cup can work wonders to keep the heat in.

Tea as a Marinade: Tea can be a flavourful addition to marinades for meats and tofu. It adds unique taste profiles to your dishes.

Tea for Cooking Rice: Infuse extra flavour into your rice by using brewed tea instead of plain water. It pairs especially well with jasmine or green tea.

Fruity Fusion: Add slices of your fave fruits to the mix for a burst of flavor. Berries, citrus, or even cucumber – get creative with it!

These hacks can help you get the most out of your tea, both in terms of flavour and versatility. Enjoy exploring these creative ways to enjoy your favourite brews!

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