eco-friendly tea - sustainable packaging design

Eco-friendly tea that’s been lovingly made for you

Are you looking for eco-friendly tea that’s plastic free?

Choosing zero waste, sustainably sourced, organic tea means that you can enjoy one of your favourite beverages in good conscience, and without worrying about ingesting pesticides and microplastics!

Like you, we’re passionate about sustainability, which is why it’s at the heart of all that we do. From our eco-friendly tea sourced from ethical, sustainable and like-minded suppliers to our commitment to using sustainable packaging only – our mission is to conserve our planet’s resources. And you can be part of this too!

Loose-leaf tea made how it should be

We only roast and blend in small batches, no mass-produced tea here. Lovingly hand roasted, our certified organic loose-leaf tea is made how it should be.

Starting with our simple philosophy. We source all our ingredients from ethical, organic, sustainable and like-minded suppliers who truly care about how they treat people and the environment. That’s why we purchase our tea from a Sri Lankan tea plantation that utilises sustainable agricultural practices and returns part of its profit to the community for schools, clinics and other infrastructure projects.

By drinking organic, eco-friendly tea you will be supporting organic farming practices, which greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions, helps combat climate change and provides a habitat for wildlife, which is very important for biodiversity. Let’s drink to that!

We only offer loose-leaf tea and consciously choose not to include tea bags, because loose-leaf tea offers greater flavour, health benefits and is better for the environment. So, when you’ve finished drinking your loose-leaf tea, you can easily compost the tea leaves and all our packaging with no waste.

Want to find out more about the environmental benefits of loose-leaf tea? Read this!

Sustainable packaging is all we do

It’s all about sustainable packaging – good for you, good for the planet and good for us. Together we can help conserve our planet’s resources by purchasing products in reusable, recyclable and compostable packaging – just like our eco-friendly tea! Sustainable packaging significantly reduces industrial waste and can be used in your compost or recycled.

What sustainable packaging do we use?


  • Bak2Earth biodegradable pouches
  • Reusable tea canisters
  • Reusable tins
  • Cardboard gift packages
  • Chemical free and hygienic box fill
  • Biogone packing tape
  • Compostable mailer bag

Time for some eco-friendly tea?

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