Zest Bundle


A delightful trio of teas designed to invigorate your senses. This bundle features Ginger Glow, a warming and spicy blend, Orange Rooibos, a fruity and caffeine-free delight, and Lemon Myrtle Green tea, a zesty and refreshing infusion.


Hand crafted by our Tea Master in Noosa Heads, Australia.


Discover a burst of flavour and energy with every sip.





With each sip of this reviving blend, you’re not just savouring a delightful cup of a herbal infusion but also nourishing your body with the goodness of nature’s remedies. These carefully chosen botanicals may bring various potential health benefits, such as relief from nausea, support skin health and a dose of vitamin C. So, sip away and let the natural goodness of this blend elevate both your senses and your health.



Indulge in the warmth of our Orange Rooibos blend, a delightful fusion of rooibos, zesty orange peel, and roasted cinnamon. This aromatic brew offers a comforting, citrus-infused embrace that’s perfect for any time of day. Sip, savour, and let the rich, flavourful blend transport you to a cozy, aromatic oasis with every cup.



A harmonious blend of sencha green tea, zesty lemon myrtle, calming lemon balm, warming ginger, and soothing chamomile. This tea offers a refreshing and invigorating cup with a delightful citrus twist, perfectly balancing the earthy notes of green tea. Sip and savour the bright flavours and soothing qualities in every brew.