Harmony Bundle


Our Harmony Bundle is the embodiment of tea perfection, designed to complement every mood and occasion.


Hand crafted by our Tea Master in Noosa Heads, Australia.


Whether you seek a touch of elegance, the embrace of comfort, or a burst of refreshing zest, these handpicked blends are here to harmonize your tea moments.





The black tea base provides a robust and slightly malty foundation, while the bergamot oranges lend their characteristic citrusy and slightly tangy aroma, which is a hallmark of Earl Grey teas. Lavender adds a gentle floral fragrance, contributing a calming and aromatic dimension to the blend. Hibiscus brings in a vivid ruby-red colour and a touch of tartness, balancing the overall composition and imparting a hint of natural sweetness.



A caffeine-free masterpiece that combines the rich, earthy sweetness of honeybush with the aromatic complexity of traditional masala chai spices. This blend offers a captivating balance of sweet and spicy, delivering a soothing, soul-warming experience with every sip.



A harmonious blend of sencha green tea, zesty lemon myrtle, calming lemon balm, warming ginger, and soothing chamomile. This tea offers a refreshing and invigorating cup with a delightful citrus twist, perfectly balancing the earthy notes of green tea. Sip and savor the bright flavours and soothing qualities in every brew.