Butterfly Pea Flowers


Butterfly pea flower tea is known not only for its striking blue colour but also for its potential health benefits and refreshing taste. Feel free to experiment with steeping times and additional ingredients to create your preferred flavour and presentation of this unique herbal tisane.



Hand packed in Noosa Heads, Australia.

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Butterfly pea flower is an enchanting herbal infusion that showcases vibrant hues of blue and purple. Known for its mesmerizing colour-changing properties, it is captivating to the eyes as it is to the palate. With a mild, earthy flavour, it offers a soothing and visually stunning herbal infusion experience.


INGREDIENTS: certified organic butterfly pea flowers


TO MAKE: Place a heaped teaspoon of tea per cup into a teapot or infuser. Add hot water (75–85ºc) and allow to infuse for 3–5 minutes.

Longer steeping times may yield a more intense blue colour and slightly stronger flavour.

Pour the brewed butterfly pea flower tea into cups and enjoy it as is or with added ingredients like lemon, honey, or other herbal infusions. Note that the colour of the tea can change when mixed with acidic substances like lemon juice, resulting in a vibrant purple or pink hue.


PACKAGING: To help conserve our planet’s resources, we sell our products in reusable, recyclable &/or compostable packaging, significantly reducing industrial waste.

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