Warm up this Winter with Chai


One thing we all can’t go without this winter is rugging up and getting cosy with a warm mug of Chai. Whether you’re under a blanket escaping the cold or warming up by the fireplace, winter is the perfect excuse for a Chai.

Not only is it the perfect winter drink, studies have shown that drinking Chai can also alleviate nausea, aches and pains, and is just all round delicious! (Maybe that last one isn’t technically scientific, but it’s definitely true).

Our Mountain Chai is ethically sourced and made from a traditional mix of exotic herbs & spices, blended with black tea to create an aromatic Masala Chai that is 100% organic.

If you need some chai inspiration check out our very own Mountain Chai Creme Brulee Recipe here, or to shop the rest of our organic loose leaf range click here!