A fresh blend of caffeine free organic peppermint, fennel & dandelion.

This unique fusion marries the coolness of peppermint with the earthy notes of dandelion and the subtle sweetness of fennel, resulting in a well-balanced and revitalizing brew.


The initial sip of this infusion presents a delightful fusion of flavours. The peppermint imparts a refreshing and brisk sensation, leaving a cool and invigorating feeling on the palate. The dandelion root adds a subtle earthiness that anchors the blend, while the fennel seeds contribute a mild sweetness that softens the overall profile.


Blended by hand in Noosa Heads, Australia


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INGREDIENTS: 100% certified organic peppermint, fennel & dandelion.

TO MAKE: Add 1 dessert spoon of Peppermint to a 2-3 cup teapot. Add near boiling water (70-80˚C) and allow to steep for 3-5 minutes

SERVE: hot or chilled.


Here are some potential health benefits:

Digestive support, liver health, bloating relief and gastrointestinal relief.

Enjoying this blend as part of a balanced and varied diet can provide a flavourful and potentially beneficial addition to your wellness routine.

These rare teas are of such high quality that the same leaves can be infused several times. Each time you brew the tea, different subtleties of the delicate flavours will be released.


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250g Pouch, 70g Bio Cylinder, 100g Tin